Thankfulness Day 2

If I talked about my amazing husband yesterday, it only makes sense to be appreciative of my kids today.

It’s easy to forget how great they are when they’re being…well…13, 12 & 7. It’s easy to get caught up in what they’re NOT doing right and how often their brains take leave of their bodies and lose focus on what amazing little beings they are.

The 13 yr old has recently been described by a couple of teachers has having a “soft heart”. He genuinely feels people’s pains & joys even as he is trying to figure out what to do with that empathy.  He is highly intelligient and is showing signs of budding leadership abilities. He may not always choose to demonstrate those traits but his potential is incredible. And he still regularly asks me for hugs….how cool is that?

The 12 yr old is also very sensitive but demonstrates it completely differently. He strives to please. He looks for ways to help people, to make them smile or lift burdens. He recognizes his own strengths and pushes himself to be the best he can possibly be. He is responsible and attentive beyond his years. He is a peacemaker and a wonderful friend.

The 7 year old is still growing into himself, even more so than the other two. He is extremly intelligient, soaking up knowledge as quickly as it can be fed to him. He lights up when it’s reading time & flies through puzzles like most kids his age would fly through a comic book. He has an innate understanding of people & personalities. And he’s creative. He loves to draw & produces fascinating creations. He manipulates the refrigerator letter magnets into phrases that make me giggle. And he’s cute. And hugs me.

All three have their similarities and yet are completely different. It’s neat to watch their personalities and characters develop. I have to say I’m proud of them all.

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