Thanksgiving Day 10

Today is Veteran’s Day and as military personnel are near & dear to my heart – today’s thankfulness post will focus on those who have served our country. They’re more than a uniform, they’re human beings who sacrifice to support us. 

“They” are my father, who as a skinny, big earred, small town 18 yr old shipped off to Vietnam. There he served in the infantry until a grenade exploded next to him, sending him home to an unwelcoming country. He sports the physical & mental/emotional scars to this day but is proud that he served.

“They” are my son’s mentor who has had an impact on the kids he worked with. After serving previously, he volunteered again and is within a week of shipping oversees.

“They” are my oldest friend’s little brother – someone I grew up with and would have at one time gladly claimed as my brother as well. He is the air force pilot who has spent many long months in the desert, across the world from his wife & two girls.

“They” are my brother-in-law’s good friend who returned from the desert physically whole but tormented emotionally after seeing the after-effects of suicide bombers. Multiple times.  A young man who would drive 8-10 hours in the middle of the night just to sit next to the ocean and be away from people.

“They” are my husband’s friend who has to sit with his back to a wall. The father & husband who tried to reach out to natives only to learn quickly that the innocent child he was trying to help was just as likely to be trained to kill him as any of the adults.

“They” sacrifice not only their time but their health, their emotions, their minds. “They” do not enlist alone but their families & friends sacrifice & suffer along with them.

“They” get one day of recognitition but deserve so much more.

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