Catching up!

I know I’m a week behind. Once again it’s more a matter of time than a lack of ideas. I HAVE noticed that most things I’m thankful for tend to run within a few categories – my husband, our jobs, shelter, etc. The details vary but the over-arching themes remain the same. That being said – here’s a list of things I have been appreciative of in the past 8 days.

15.   My KitchenAid mixer – my early Christmas present from Jon. I’ve wanted one for so long and used it for the first time last weekend. It was beautiful and wonderful.

16.  My Kindle – yet another fabulous gift from my husband. I finished one book and had another immediately.

17.  My husband’s job that provides not only our necessities but alot of our luxuries

18.  Our church family

19. Warm drinks & warm clothes

20. That there has not been war on US soil in my lifetime- and that I personally have not been significantly affected by a war or act of terroism

21 The fact that I have virtually unlimited educational opportunities

22  My camera and the ability it gives me to not only capture memories but also see the world through a different lens

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