100 Word Challenge – Unseemly

She sat in her car outside the little farmhouse, clenching the steering wheel. She already knew what the day held and girded herself to face the the snide comments and harsh, demanding questions. Her clothes were not modest, not feminine enough. Her ring finger remained embarassingly bare. Her job, her apartment, her independence – it was all disgraceful. She sighed deeply and carried the bag of groceries inside, greeting the chill air with a chipper “Hello Grandmama!” As shekissed the wrinkled cheek and prepared lunch under a disapproving glare, she vowed to never make anyone feel their entire existence was unseemly.


  1. Years after my divorce family gatherings became a pain in the neck for me. Always having to answer the question, “so, are you seeing anyone?”. What made it all the more frustrating was that I was attending a prestigious college and doing original research at the time, but they were not interested in that. (When I say family, I mean extended family. My parents were quite supportive. 🙂 )

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