It’s not always about me

Our Lifegroup has just started a study on Job (Old Testament in the Bible). I’ve been reading it on my own and will admit to not “grasping” the full depth of all of the debates in the middle…and I haven’t finished it. I know the gist of the ending but I haven’t personally read it…ever.

But something jumped out at me almost immediately.

God used Job to prove a point to Satan.  He wasn’t being punished or discplined. Job experienced major emotional, physical & financial trauma. And really…it had almost NOTHING to do with him.

How often do we experience challenges? Daily, right? We get a flat tire on the way to an important meeting…God is testing us. We have financial difficulty…God is teaching  us a lesson. We find the PERFECT boots on an incredible sale…well He MUST be rewarding us, right? (Okay so that’s not really a challenge…)

I’m not saying that God doesn’t teach us lessons, or allow us to suffer consequences. I’m certainly not saying that He does not bless us. I truly believe He does all of those things.

But how self centered are we…am I? Is, perhaps, it possible that sometimes stuff happens in my life…even to me…that really isn’t about me? Is it possible God uses my life to prove a point to someone else?

Kinda hard to swallow…but maybe it’s not a bad idea to remember, it’s really not always about me.

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