And then my head exploded

The other night LilBit informed me that he does not like ham sandwiches. This fact comes as a surprise since I have watched him DEVOUR them on multiple occassions. But upon further questioning I found he’d been “waiting until no one was looking and throwing the sandwich away” at school. So I made him his all time favorite – PB&J – and we went about our merry way.

The next day I didn’t feel like making lunches so I picked up Lunchab1es for the boys. I do this MAYBE once a year but I know LilBit loves them. He’s tried to talk me into buying them on multiple occassions by playing the “Well MY MAMA lets me have them when I’m at her house”  One day he’s going to figure out that doesn’t work with me but he’s nothing if not persistent. Anyway. I come home with the chicken nugget version and he comes running towards me all excited then skids to a halt and says “Wait a second. Did you get me the cracker one?” and then upon finding out I had not, had the AUDACITY to huff and say “Well THAT one is my favorite” to which I replied “Well would you prefer I make you a ham sandwich?”

And then suddenly I pictured that little cracker ripoff of a lunch and I said “WAIT A SECOND. Do you KNOW what is with those crackers? HAM!!” And he shrugged and said “Well yeah. I LIKE ham.”

And then my head exploded.

To his credit he said he doesn’t like the sandwich because it sticks to his teeth. And that holds water all the way up until the moment you remember my earlier statement about PB&J being his all time favorite because seriously, that kid would eat PB&J three times a day and PB&J is quite possibly THE STICKEST SANDWICH IN EXISTENCE.

It’s a wonder I don’t regularly bleed from my eyeballs.

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