Random tidbits

Let’s jump off with an amusing story…about a kid of course. I was cuddled up w/Lilbit when I noticed his teeth were looking a little, um, under brushed. And he had the breath to match. So I mentioned it to him…as in “Hey, you need to pay more attention when you’re brushing your teeth. You’re not getting all the gunk.”…knowing full well it was likely he wasn’t actually brushing at ALL. This is the same kid who told his dad one night that drying his hair was “a waste of time!!” so it stands to reason he’d consider teeth brushing to fall into the same category.

After we got home & he showered, I asked if he’d brushed his teeth. He nodded. So of COURSE I said “Okay. Open wide, let me see.” Well…the lighting was bad so my next request was “Breathe out and let me smell your breath.”

Yes. Yes I did.

You can see where this is going can’t you?

We ended up in the bathroom, with him INSISTING that he’d brushed his teeth and me telling him that was GREAT…it wouldn’t hurt for him to do it again while demonstrating to me how well he brushes them. And then I picked up the bone dry toothbrush and his little face fell. He knew he was busted. I looked at him solemnly and said “Lilbit, why did you lie to me?”

And here’s the best part…

He looked at me with all the frustration the teenager trapped in his 7 yr old body could muster, huffed loudly and declared “Well I didn’t KNOW you were going to sniff my breath!!”

And you guys…I didn’t even laugh. In front of him.


It’s a gorgeous day here today. It’s not supposed to last but I have my version of spring fever…my hands are itching for my camera. I miss taking pictures. It’s a desire that (mostly) hibernates during the winter but the first hint of spring and suddenly I’m trying to capture random dust motes on film (or memory card…whatever). 


Apparently I am losing my mind. At least there’s rather definitive proof now. Multiple times this weekend I tried to start my car to no avail with one exception…when my husband was standing there. And he could get it to start WITH NO PROBLEM EVERY SINGLE TIME. Monday morning he had to start it for me so I could get to work. What is up with that? My car is playing favorites? So last night I went out to head home and we had a heart to heart. I told her I was onto her drama queen ways, to cut the crap & just act like a car should.

She started with no problem.

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