Convicted – Part 2

While in the process of writing yesterday’s post I had the privilege of experiencing yet another uncomfortable moment of conviction. This one was presented courtesy of one of my twitter sisters and I’m quite certain that until the moment she reads this, she had no idea how much a simple statment impacted me. (Hi Lisa!)

Lisa is a fabulous friend, loving & encouraging. She’s a Godly woman. She’s a talented, crafty woman. She sews the cutest things and amazes me with her creativity. She’s funny and cute and has some killer dance moves. She’s also a stay-at home, homeschooling mom to her precious brood of four…including a toddler & the 10 (9?) month old lil fat man who’s already walking. So when she tweeted that she was going to put on a dress my immediate response was “You’re putting on skirt? Why would you do that to yourself?!!?”  Her reply was simple…”To honor Mr.” She was not doing this to appease her husband or to fulfill an unrealistic expectation.  She was doing it as an expression of love and to give him visual/physical evidence of one of his primary concerns…that she cares for herself.

And my point is….?

Her statement – “To honor Mr.” – hit me hard. That is something that I, as a Christian wife, am called to do. And I have blatently disregarded that recently.

I get bored easily and left to my own devices I would make major changes to my hair style on a quarterly basis. So I went in last Friday to have my hair cut (ultra short) & colored (blond…from red/brunette). I KNEW going into it that my husband wouldn’t like the end result. I KNEW that and I shrugged it off. It’s a minor issue. It’s not like I’m being disrespectful or  anything. It’s my hair; it’s my right to do what I want.

Except…none of that is true. It is from the point of view of most of the world. I know more than one woman that would be FURIOUS at the idea of basing my hairstyle on my husband’s preference. I don’t respect most of those women.

Jon has not TOLD me to do anything with my hair. He hasn’t even commented on it. In fact, when I choked down my pride and apologized last night, he chuckled and told me I worry too much. But regardless – I know his preferences and I have a calling to honor my husband in ALL things, not just when it’s convenient to me or might really tick him off.

Yeah, it might be a minor issue in the grand scheme of things. It’s hair. It’s a matter of opinion. But his opinion matters. And I need to live out that truth.


  1. yes, we need to honor our misters. good reminder. i wear my hair long cuz my mr likes it that way. he told me that way back when we were dating. but i need to start dressing better and taking better care of my body to honor him. harder for me to do than keeping my hair long ….
    love ya friend!

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