People are WIERD/Fitness Friday

My (boss’s) boss (We’ll call her V) is consistently active and healthy and balances her life well although I wouldn’t consider a “die hard” about anything (except being a vegetarian and then she’s strict but not preachy). This morning she walked into the locker room after a 2 mile run and a woman (*we’ve never seen*) SNEERS at her and says “You’re one of those die hard swimmers aren’t you?”

Um. She just finished RUNNING so she’s red & sweaty. And in running clothes. And she entered from the gym entrance, not the pool. And, um, WE’VE NEVER SEEN YOU.

V responds with “Well, yeah…I try to swim a couple of times a week.” to which the woman says very snootily “Yeah. I bet you’re one of those die hards that stands outside the doors at 6am so none of us can get a spot.”

Yeah. Couple of funny things here. (1) The door opens at 6:00AM for EVERYONE. (2) The pool hasn’t been busy for about 4-5 months (3) It clears out almost completely around 6:30 as the first wave leaves to shower/get ready for work (4) we’ve never seen anyone refuse to share a lane and (5) WE’VE NEVER SEEN YOU.

V told her “Oh you should still be fine at 6:30. You don’t have to be here right at 6 to get a lane”  The woman huffed off at that point.

I keep emphasizing that we’ve never seen her for a reason. It’s not a matter of “Ew new person how dare you invade our space…” We have our regulars, yeah. But the crowd changes every semester. Heck, quite a few haven’t come back after spring break! And our regulars? They’re NICE. Helpful. Friendly. My point is…how can you judge those “die hard swimmers” when you obviously haven’t even TRIED to get in. Maybe she did in the afternoon or evening. That’s a different crowd. But she specifically snipped at being at the doors before they opened. And she was VERY snooty. It wasn’t a friendly joking approach. She sneered. Her voice dripped contempt.

We do have some die hard swimmers. They line up before the door opens every single day. They’re training hard. They’re trying to not just finish, but WIN, Ironman triathalons. And they pause to smile & wave when someone comes in. They OFFER to share lanes when the pool is full. They’ve even been known to stop their training swim to answer questions/giving advise.

Obviously the whole encounter REALLY got my blood boiling. But I doubt we see her again. People who walk in with a chip on their shoulder usually don’t last very long.

Enough venting. Onwards. Monday we did our fit test and I was able to improve all my numbers. I was pretty happy by that one. My measurements/weight didn’t change all that much though. My waist was down about 1/2 an inch but my calves were a little bigger. My legs have ALWAYS developed muscle quickly thanks to many years of dance. I just wish they shed the fat just as quickly. *sigh*

We’ve done our Insanity workout everyday. Monday I also swam and did the elliptical at lunch. Then I passed out that night. Wed I squeezed in a lunch elliptical session but that’s been it.

My goal for next week is to burn 4,000 calories over the whole week.

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