Random Ruminations 6/17/11

  • I’ve been listening to the new Owl City album and (of course) loving it. It’s just so…quirky. And happy.
  • I did a quick workout Monday but have done nothing since. And I’m not even freaking out over it. Usually I’d be dealing with a major case of guilt and self flagellation. It’s not that I don’t care. I’m just not obsessing over what I did or did not do quite as much. At least not this week. (During a recent discussion about shedding insecurity a friend commented “I realized that usually I would have been freaking out in that situation and I wasn’t. And then I got worried that  I was calm….I was insecure over NOT BEING insecure.”  We laughed but I caught myself in a similar reaction this morning so I’m going to (try to) embrace the whole laissez-faire attitude for the summer.)
  • I’m finding my priorities are shifting slightly. It’s odd. But good. But odd. More on that later.
  • I just finished a book with a great group of women from the church and it was fabulous. Write up on that coming soon. I’d like to go through it again though.
  • TheKid cooked dinner last night. It was simple prep but nice that I didn’t have to do anything besides supervise some seasoning.  I think I’ll start implementing that practice more often. After all…the boys need to be able to cook for themselves. This is good parenting people, not laziness.
  • Speaking of kids – as of noon Sunday we’ll be totally child free for a week. The two older boys are going to camp, the youngest will be with his mother. *happy chair wiggle*
  • Our dog is weird. We knew she loved beer. That’s not unusual for dogs. And she loves spicy foods. We haven’t found anything spicy that she’ll recoil from yet…quite the opposite actually. Last night I discovered she likes cabernet sauvignon when I looked down and she was trying to shove her German Shepherd snout into my wine glass. Um. No. I do NOT share my wine…not with the DOG anyway.
  • We have our family vacation pretty much scheduled/planned. It’s not for another month and a half but I’m getting excited. (Don’t get any funny ideas. We have a large protective dog and our friend who has been referred to as “The Enforcer” is house sitting)
  • Life is good. Random but stable, busy but happy. I hope you have a great weekend!

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