A dog’s life

I have Tuesday afternoons off during the summer so the dog and I decided to take advantage.

(That’s her “really with the camera again lady?” expression. I was obviously holding her up from the next interesting scent)

We walked almost an hour and covered 2.45 miles down paths like this

and next to fields like this

Rough huh

I was proud of our “little” under socialized pup. She sat calmly anytime another dog passed us…except when we met up with the other (MUCH bigger) German Shepherd that happened to be off leash. Her ears immediately went into the “ohIwannaplay” position but the other dog was ordered to pass without stopping despite the mutual curiosity. My poor baby WHIMPERED when he passed but it was for the best I’m sure.

It was wonderful and  uneventful hike…other than when a strap slipped on my bag making it feel like there was a large insect like creature crawling across the back of my shoulder. I wish I had captured the expression on Minnie’s face but alas I was too busy flailing wildly. And perhaps squealing.  A little.

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