100 Words – Split

This week the 100 word challenge over at Velvet Verbosity is “split”.


They lie in their rooms, her and him, surrounded by various machines and charts and tubes moving liquids into and out of their bodies. They are separated for the first time in decades under the pretense of appropriate care and the rationale that “they can’t know the difference anyway”.  They lie immobile and uncommunicative, unresponsive to the world swirling about them. Yet as he breathes his last, a single tear slides unnoticed down her furrowed cheek. Her heart stutters as his stops; her spirit splinters as his slips the bonds of life.  And within minutes they are separated no longer.


This is a phenomenon that fascinates me…long time spouses dying within a short period of time of each other. While visiting the Veteran’s Cemetery recently we passed gravestone after gravestone that told this tale. Sometimes it was days, usually it was months. Regardless it speaks volumes to me of the connection we form, the bond that is very real and strong and lovely.


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