What would you do?

“What would you do if you knew you could not fail?”

I’ve always hated that question because I couldn’t answer it. But last night I realized I was always looking for an answer that was grand and/or spiritual. But the truth is my answer is rather…mundane. I’d be a full time/professional photographer.

Boring huh.

I realized it when I was wrestling with whether to borrow a friend’s Nikon D40 for a couple of weeks. She’s selling it for a pretty good price but offered to let me play with it before she puts out on Ebay.  I can’t justify dropping the money on any DSLR…even one for such a good price. We have a decent camera. And for what I use it for, it’s sufficient. Would I love to branch out and make it a side business? Yes. But. There are A LOT of talented photographers with unique personalities that shine through their work.  I’d even go as far to say the field is starting to get saturated if it’s not already to that point. I don’t know that my little corner of the world would support another fledgling photographer. So I’ll enjoy playing with the DSLR while I have access to it. And I’ll enjoy learning manual mode on our camera. And I’ll enjoy making sure our kids have plenty of pictures to remember their childhood by.

So what about you? What would you do if you were guaranteed success?

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