Day 4 (8/1/11)

8:45am We’re off to see the wizard. Or take a ferry to an animal reserve. Whatever. First stop though is Starbucks. I hope.

9:00am Starbucks acquired. The family can live. My FIL ordered in a bad eastern European accent & totally confused the barista.

11:23am My husband & FIL are discussing whether cows should be called a “herd of steak” or “herd of steakS”. Really.

12:43pm Just visited Ft Casey. Pretty cool. Now in line for a ferry (that our boys have dubbed Tinkerbell b/c they’re pretty much hilarious). Might not get on this crossing though.

1:30pm On THIS crossing. I’m onna boat.  :p

7:30 Had a blast at the animal place. There’s yak drool all over the van window & I took lotsa pictures. Couldn’t figure out why I was so exhausted until I realized I basically held a squat for an hr trying to get pics around the boys.

Today’s proof of exhaustion: Lilbit git out if the shower, looked at his pb&j sandwich & whimpered ‘But Im just SO TIRED!”

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