Day 6 (8/3/2011)

9:15am Headed back to Seattle, this time w/the FIL, to the aerospace museum. He &hubs are both plane nerds so this is really their day. The boys will enjoy it too. Just not as deeply as those two.

12:50pm I am on Air Force One.  A former one anyway. Just visited a Concord too.

1:20pm In the flight museum gift shop. This is my husband’s favorite shop of the trip.

1:26pm I’ve decided its not so much that I dislike kids, its that I don’t like herds of children in public places. They should be limited to 3 per group.

2:10pm Late lunch of DELICIOUS seafood then headed back to FIL’s to relax/pack up. Home bound tomorrow.

3:45pm I pointed out the ugliest little dog. Jon says “Quick someone kill it!” (Seriously it looked like a rat w/fluffy ears/tail) Lilbit follows up with “Or kick it into the ocean!” Omg I laughed so hard.

5:45pm Spending the late afternoon/evening at FIL’s. Currently I’m sitting on the deck looking out over the Sound & reading. We’ve been lucky w/beautiful weather.

6:45pm A neighbour has wooden wind chimes. This is so peaceful. Great way to wrap up a great vacation.

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