Post script

Home sweet home. It was nice to sleep in our bed. I planned to sleep in and I guess I kinda did. We were up and out the door by 8-8:3 all week so I was awake by 8:00.

We did so much & were so exhausted at times that I’m a bit surprised how refreshed I feel. But really, I got my vacation. I just rode in the car, enjoyed the sights, took lotsa pictures & helped wrangle boys when necessary. I didn’t manage a schedule or arrange anything. I didn’t look at a clock or finances or a website. I was minimally responsible. My husband handled all the planning & driving & money & details. I had exactly the vacation I needed. Jon…he enjoyed it I know. But it wasn’t as MUCH of a vacation for him.

I’m doing laundry today but that’s about it.  I hope to move pics to my drive & edit & just generally enjoy a day at home.

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