Time keeps on slipping slipping slipping

Time got away from me. Again. I really thought it had only been about a week since I posted. I didn’t realize it had been almost two weeks! So what have I been up to? Well. I did spend several days in an email discussion with a pastor friend of ours and that seems to have used my recent allotment of writing time & energy. Also:

  • TheKid started high school…and his language class is ASL. I might be more excited about that than him.
  • I celebrated my 35th birthday over a span of several days surrounded by love…and sugar. The final event was dinner at Tucano’s followed by cake and a viewing of “Zombieland” with some friends at our house. The cake? Was Twinkies. My husband is brilliant. (If you haven’t seen Zombieland then you won’t understand the impact of the Twinkies)
  • I spent this almost all day Saturday playing with my new camera. I lurve it. So much.
  • Classes started at BSU this week so work has been…crazy. I left Monday almost in tears and yesterday wasn’t much better but since we’re still on summer hours (until Labor Day) I left at noon. And had a very productive afternoon.
  • The younger two boys start school today – 2nd & 8th graders.

We’ve been busy but it doesn’t feel frenetic like it did before vacation. At some while we were gone I realized I like Vacation Rhoni so I’ve tried to be more intentional about relaxing now that we’re back – hence the photography Saturday instead of cleaning house. I plan to enjoy this Saturday too…either on a boat with friends or with my camera and the boys…and the evening at a friend’s to watch the UFC fights. Huzzah.

(Picture is clicky to get bigger)

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