This would be funny if…no, it’s just funny.

Lilbit (the cute innocent looking tow head 8 yr old) has, on multiple occasions, informed me that (a) he doesn’t dream and (b) he doesn’t want to dream. (This is also why I’m forbidden from wishing him “sweet dreams”).  So when he told me a few days ago that he had a bad dream I was understandably intrigued. Turns out, his horrifying, traumatizing, literal nightmare…is people telling him what to do.

Yes.  And I quote “I had a bad dream. (sniffle) It was horrible. (sniffle) PEOPLE WERE TELLING ME WHAT TO DO!!!!”

Commence – face palm.


Recently a miscommunication over video game play time resulted in a screaming meltdown. It started with me calmly saying “Hey, it was just a misunderstanding. No big deal. You are NOT in trouble. Just turn it off.”  And ended approximately 90 seconds later with his spittle flying, tear soaked declaration of “I HATE WHEN I DO THINGS WRONG!!!!!” and “MY FEELINGS ARE HURT”…6 inches from my face.

Commence – total bafflement.

(Perhaps it’s needless to say the child took a nap that afternoon.)

He’s an independent,  headstrong perfectionist who takes personal affront to any correction. It’s a unique situation trying to parent that one. He definitely keeps me on my toes. But for some reason he doesn’t seem amused when I get the giggles during these little episodes. He’s just. So. Dramatic.

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