These are some thoughts that came to me during my quiet time this morning as I was praying for some of my fellow mamas. (You can read if you’re NOT a mom. But it was written as I considered the particular plights of that role.)


Our relationship with God is the most important one we’ll ever have. Every other interaction, from kids to husbands to friends, EVERY OTHER interaction we have filters through our interaction with Him. While we get overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done, He’s asking us to just Be, to spend a moment with Him. It should not be another obligation, something else to check off the to do list. He doesn’t NEED anything from us. He just wants us. He is our Lifeblood, our Joy,our Strength. He loves our husbands & children more than we ever can. He placed us in their lives and will infuse us with His peace, patience and energy that we need to fulfill these roles…if we can only learn to REST in Him.


It is counter intuitive. There’s so much to do. The house is a disaster. The chicken for dinner is still frozen solid. Multiple kids needs multiple things and they all need them NOW. Hubs is having a bad day/week/year. The dog just puked on the carpet, the baby is trying to eat it, the toddler is having a meltdown and the teenager just slammed a door. Again. The laundry is overtaking the living room and the dishes…let’s not even go there. The idea of quiet time is laughable. How can you…how can I…afford to make time for God?

How can we afford NOT to?

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