Tasty Thursday Meal Plan 09/26-10/02/11

A friend of ours introduced us to Johnny’s garlic spread. It’s a dry mix that you mix with butter and spread on bread and then die of all the yumminess because omg… I only know to get it at Costco but since we don’t have a membership I used cookies to bribe someone to pick me up a jar. It’s wonderful and I’m finding every excuse I can to use it. I bet it’d be really good as part of a breading on chicken too. Hmm….

Monday 09/26/11 – pasta w/tomato cream sauce, garlic bread

Tuesday 09/27/11 – meatloaf, mashed potatoes, veggie (& maybe garlic bread?…j/k….mostly…)

Wednesday 09/28/11 – taco soup

Thursday 09/29/11 – No idea. Probably fast food because Bill Hybels is speaking to our church and we’ll be there!

Friday 09/30/11 –  leftovers or cereal…something I don’t have to cook

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