40 days and 40 nights

Our church leadership has invited us to join together in a 40 day prayer & fasting initiative. They’re not asking that everyone participate in a full food fast but that we remove whatever distracts us from God in our own lives.

This was an “easy” decision for me. I will be stepping away from social media sites.

Last week I was considering this very issue – just not as a spiritually based fast. At one point I was just so disgusted that my mouse was hovering over the “Deactivate Account” link.  Little did I know as I wrestled with this (and a few other thoughts), that I was being prepped for Sunday.  I experienced no internal rebellion or push back. There was simply acceptance…and a little bit of relief.  This is a spiritual fast, yes, but there are several reasons to make this move:

  • Social media tends to feed any latent negativity and feeds insecurities/fears (for me).
  • Along those same lines – it’s as easy – or easier – to type before I think as it is to speak before I think. And that’s saying a lot when  you consider my mouth…although I’ve gotten better. But I have deleted more than my share of updates that never should have been posted in the first place. And there are plenty more that probably should have been deleted that live on.
  • I turn to social media before God.
  • It has replaced communication with my husband. We post and assume the other read it (or someone else’s post). It doesn’t facilitate conversation. It subverts it. (I should note that he disagreed with this assessment when I talked to him last night.)
  • It’s a huge time suck.

I never fully resolved my thoughts last week. I compromised by seriously trimming my contacts and spending very little time on those sites. I rationalized; I DO use Facebook almost as much as email for arranging events/meetings/appointments. And my “heart sisters” are on Twitter.

But. There’s always email. And text. And I will still blog because it doesn’t impact my life the way social media does.

I’m not totally deleting my accounts. I won’t rule out that possibility at the end of this but for now, they will remain open but inactive. I don’t expect this will be easy. These sites have become a huge part of my life…too much so.

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