Changing of the seasons

I’ve never hated fall but neither have I particularly looked forward to it. It’s nice enough with the crisp air and pretty leaves but it’s also a precursor to winter…and we know how I feel about the cold. Now spring…spring I can get behind with it’s flower buds & fresh air & promise of summer. And I big fluffy glittery heart summer.

But this year has proved odd.  I’ve actively ANTICIPATED the cooler weather. I’ve craved the chill in the air. I’ve felt actual disappointment every a few times the thermometer jumped above 80 in late September/early October. I want to bake apple bread and pumpkin treats and all sorts of fall goodies. I want soups and chili simmering in the crockpot. I want to bust out the fuzzy sweatshirts and cuddly sweaters and snuggle with blankets and hot chocolate and a good book.

So I was actually HAPPY about the overcast cooler weather this week! I opened the jar of Pumpkin Maple Butter spread that my coworker gave me for my oatmeal (YUM! Seriously.  SO GOOD!).  I started organizing my Christmas card/baking list. I’m embracing the change!

Here’s to a new season and all it’s joys!

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