Tick tock tick tock

So. My husband is out of town for work. He doesn’t have to do it often…less than twice a year. And he’s never gone long. This is probably the longest. He left Wed morning and won’t be back until Sunday afternoon/evening sometime. If you’ve read my past posts/FB statues/tweets, then you know I don’t usually deal well when he’s gone. I kinda like him. A lot. And I kinda enjoy spending time with him. Seeing him. Hugging him. Talking to him. Cuddling with him.

But. I’ve done remarkably well this time. I know I know. It’s only Thursday. But I SLEPT last night. I would almost even say I slept well. And I’m not absolutely dreading the next few days. Much.

Tonight I’ll be hanging out with all three boys. Tomorrow work & tomorrow night TheKid and I will probably watch old cheesy tv shows (Xena: Warrior Princess! Anyone?) or movies. Saturday morning I’m doing the Barber to Boise race with my coworker. But Saturday night…there’s a big black hole. Saturday night TheKid will be with his girlfriend for dinner & her homecoming dance. Then he’s probably spending the night at her house. Not WITH her. On the couch. But. I will be at home. All alone (with the dog) (and cat) (but the cat barely counts).

When I first realized that, the first thing my mind jumped to was all the cleaning I’ve been wanting to get done.  Deep cleaning that has been languishing on my to-do list for months. Really. Really? Really?!!? Cleaning? THAT’S how I want to spend my free time?

Maybe I’ll watch a movie that I wouldn’t get to watch with the boys.

After I clean.

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