Killing time

Earlier today a couple of women pulling a wagon full of six precious little tots from the campus children’s center delivered hand-print decorated pumpkins to my office. This was in appreciation for taking care of their regularly clogged toilets (because the cute little tots like to shove paper towels down them) and random leaks (aka little boys peeing on the floor).

It was a sweet and well appreciate gesture.


I did not realize at the time that they had placed the pumpkin directly in the path of my overhead cabinet door. And I did not realize this until I attempted to open my cabinet, sending the pumpkin careening along my counter top.  I watched as it wobbled precariously near the edge…leaving a trail of blue paint in its path. I made the comment, out loud, “Huh. The paint isn’t dry yet.”….as I simultaneously reached out to catch it.

The next words out of my mouth? “GAH! I look like a freakin smurf!”

The howls of laughter were not appreciated. Thankfully it washed off of both me and the desk easily.


I’m extremely bored today. I managed to get completely caught up on Friday in expectation of getting slammed today. Still. Waiting. Normally I’d entertain myself with Facebook or Twitter but well, that’s off limits. So I’m nursing a headache and finding stuff to keep my busy-ish.

I’m also extremely tired – physically, not mentally. I did strength training this morning…some body weight exercises finished with the stairclimber. And I’m absolutely wiped out. My plans to squeeze in a quick elliptical session at lunch are looking more and more iffy. Besides. The first volleyball game is tonight. We’re going in cold – practice was cancelled on Saturday. I haven’t even MET the team. To say I’m nervous is an understatement.


I heard proof today that people more clumsy than me DO exist. A coworker’s sister fell off a curb at JFK airport this weekend. I could easily see myself doing that. But she somehow managed to break BOTH arms, her nose, and leave a big contusion on her forehead. Ow.


I realized I had an Amy’s veggie burrito stashed in the freezer here. That small find perked up a dreary, dragging day.  I do have to say, the red & orange leaves really pop against the gray sky though!

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  1. I read this post because when I saw it in the Reader, I had to find out where the emphasis belongs – KILLING time ~or~ killing TIME.

    Obviously, it’s number two.

    Wait. That didn’t come out right.

    Wait. Neither did that.

    I think I’d better quit before it becomes “Killing ME”.

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