Volleyball, first match

Before we left for volleyball last night, I tossed out the comment “I mean – how bad can it be, right?” Jon proceeded to tell me about a volleyball player who ended up with a compound fracture….and the prospect of ending up with bones sticking out of my leg was actually more appealing to me than making a public fool of myself and tanking my team.

I tell you that to give you an idea the extent of my nerves/my state of mind.

Turns out, I wasn’t the best on the team but neither was I noticeably the worst. I wasn’t nearly as aggressive as I should have been. I stood back too far from the net. I missed a lot of hits and sent others bombing wildly. I also made some good hits, was the only one to not screw up a serve (although one came CLOSE) and even had a really decent serving run.

We lost two out of three sets. We also only had five people to put on the court, and the most recent anyone had played was last season.

Most importantly – we had fun. By the end we were starting to loosen up, communicate and get into a rhythm.

Our next game is tomorrow night and we should have six players there.  And this time – no nerves; just excitement.

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  1. so glad you had fun! i would have been a nervous wreck beforehand too. don’t dismiss the injuries you can sustain. my sis in law, back in her 20’s (she’s now in her 50’s) got a knee injury and ended up having to have several surgeries on it over the years and its never been the same. she was a great athlete but landed wrong or something …. not to scare ya, just to give ya a heads up to be careful.

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