Feeling loved

I haven’t felt totally up to snuff the past week or so and by Sunday night was really feeling pretty miserable. By yesterday I sounded like a 400 lb asthmatic.

(For the record, I am neither 400 lbs nor asthmatic.) (Although I have displayed signs of exercise induced asthma recently.) (But that’s beyond the point, really).

Last night my husband made the executive decision that I would stay home from work. I argued and cried and explained why I didn’t want to be THAT person…the one who uses a sick day at the first sign of a sniffle…and he didn’t budge. So I called my boss and proceeded to sleep until noon. Then I got up feeling MUCH better and decided to wash dishes that had been sitting on the counter since SATURDAY night. I was almost done when a friend of ours appeared on the porch, gift bag in hand. She asked if I was doing stuff for someone else. I denied that and said “I’m just washing dishes!”. She sighed heavily, said “Do you have pants on?” I nodded, she let herself in, handed me the bag and said “Your face sounds ugly when you talk. You’re sick. You sound sick. Sit down.” She then proceeded to finish the dishes, told me sitting at my computer would be ok, gave me a long distance hug and blew out as quickly as she blew in.

But to understand the full epic-ness of this event, you have to see the contents of the gift bag.

Included was:

  • a bat mitzvah card (She makes a point to always give/send the most random cards possible). The note on the front reads “To the most adorable sick person evAR (I’m a nurse. I konw what I’m talking about. I’m right. Don’t argue w/me!) ”  The note inside was totally sweet and was accompanied by $5 and the order to use it for “Rhoni deserves good coffee time”
  • a bag of Ghirardelli chocolate – the note on it reads “Nom nom! Extra excuse to go to the gym!”
  • one of those awesome ceramic coffee cups – it’s note said “You can put your bat mitzvah $ coffee in here so everytime you drink your tea you remember your special rite of Jewish passage.” By this point I’m already laughing so hard I can hardly breathe.
  • Celestial Sleepytime tea – “If you continue to refuse to take care of yourself, have some tea at least. (This is my passive agressive way of drugging you. If you won’t take a break, I’ll force you.)” I guess she EXPECTED to find me up and doing stuff?
  • Hall’s Warm Ups (which are AMAZING by the way) – “Your nose be trippin 😦 Here’s a band aid for it.”
  • Hall’s Triple Action drops – “For the sake of variety, here’s another kind for your adorable little nose”
  • pink fuzzy slipper socks – “Toes are people too. And yours deserve a hug. Just not directly from me. ha.”
  • a stack of post its with instructions to use on someone else when I felt better.

Like I said. Epic. I am wearing my fuzzy slippers. I just drank hot chocolate out of my mug. And I’m about to use some of those Halls drops while I lay on the couch. Because I hate to admit it but I am kinda worn out. But this has been the most awesome sick day ever. I’ve been grinning since she stopped by. This woman? She takes loving people to a whole new level.

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