Jack Frost: arch nemesis or friend?

I think I’ve established that I’m not at all a fan of winter…or more to the point, I’m not a fan of being cold. But there’s a lot to like about this season really: the fuzzy/soft sweaters and cute boots, the warm drinks with yummy pumpkin or mint seasoning, the lights and parties and general good cheer and yes, even the crisp pretty snow and snowball fights and rosy cheeks. (And I would really LOVE to learn to ski. I’ve wanted to do that since 2005 but it’s just doesn’t seem to be in the cards anytime soon.)

I really only have one beef with winter – inefficiency.  It takes twice as much consideration and time to get dressed.  Even if I’m already dressed, there is no grabbing my keys and going. I have to put on socks and shoes and a coat and (sometimes) gloves and a hat and scarf. And as CUTE as those hat/scarf/glove combos can be…they take time to put on/take off.  I can’t just get in the car and leave. The car has to be warmed up and/or defrosted so it’s safe to drive. And forget about a quick jaunt to the grocery store. Even that is transformed into an exercise of hyper vigilance with slick roads and other drivers who don’t seem to realize that sometimes it’s necessary to slow down and pay attention.

But I also have to wonder, is this God’s way of slowing us down? As our calendars start disappearing under the slew of holiday events and all the accompanying baking/decorating/shopping preps, is it possible that He designed this season into our lives as a natural pause? Instead of seeing perceived delays, perhaps I should focus on the opportunity to weave quiet moments into my life, to appreciate the everyday joys.

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