I’m alive. Really. This month has been crazy busy. I think we’ve had SOMETHING going on every day/night except for one or two. In the past couple of weeks we’ve helped move two people, gained a roommate (and puppy), retrieved a dead vehicle off the side of the interstate* (my 1st time “driving” a car being towed), had a “Day Of Awesome” (including an 8 hr Twilight marathon culminating in the premiere)(this day is blog worthy honestly), had people over for dinner, played volleyball, babysat for friends, went to a friends for UFC… You get the idea.

I’m not complaining. Not AT ALL. It seems like it’s been a bit crazier than usual but everything – EVERYTHING – was a deliberate choice and has been fun and/or rewarding. (Except the dead car. That sucked.)

Oh…and I’ve joined the 365 project. I’ll add a link to the side bar to me specifically. Because we’re not busy enough? No…because I really want to incorporate photography into my life more.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. My life is full and blessed. I am overwhelmed at the sheer multitude of thanksgivings I can offer. But as I look around at hurting people, it’s important to remember that there’s really only ONE thing that I can know, for certain, without a doubt, that no matter what I’ll be able to be thankful for…and that is my relationship with God and my purpose and future in Him.

I’ll be back soon with a recap of the “Day of Awesome” (that really has to be read in a cheesy announcer voice) and a story of my usual clumsiness.


* I should probably note that we own this car. We didn’t tow some random car we found!

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