Day of Awesome

Wow. I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since my (da da dummmmm!) DAY OF AWESOME!

I had originally planned to take the afternoon off to decorate The Queen’s apartment for her birthday which would have been cool in itself. But then some friends asked if I wanted to go see the new Twi!ight premier with them. And while I’m not a *huge* fan (disclaimer: I did read all the books), I’m always up for a girls night. After further researching and planning we discovered the theater offered the “marathon” option….ie…we could purchase tickets to watch all 4 movies in a row. Which meant we would have seats reserved and would be in the theater around 3:30. Which meant no waiting in line in the cold for hours. Score.  So I decided to take off the whole day and take The Queen to breakfast before she went to work and I ninja’d her home and then watched hours of bad film. And THEN another friend won the opportunity to bowl the first game at a new family friendly bowling alley and asked if I’d join her.


So the schedule was:

  • Wake up around 7
  • Realize I’d missed a call from our roommate saying the car had died leaving her stranded on the side of the interstate. (Thankfully her friend rescued her but the car was still there)
  • Meet The Queen for breakfast
  • “Drive” the car while hubs towed it to the mechanic. (This part was NOT AWESOME by the way)
  • Return to my car, meet my friend at the bowling alley.
  • Attempt to bowl while socializing and taking pictures and laughing
  • Get a text from Missy saying she’d forgotten to leave the back door unlocked.
  • Finish putting together The Queen’s gift basket and drop it off at her work instead of bombing her house with streamers, balloons and confetti.
  • Meet other friends at theater. Settle in for ten hours.
  • Giggle and debate Team Edward or Team Jacob and explain to one of the teenagers that having a guy sneak in and watch you sleep is NOT ROMANTIC IT’S CREEPY EVEN IF THEY GET MARRIED. Eat lots of random snacks. Talk and laugh and talk and giggle.
  • Stumble to the car, somehow drive home and collapse into bed thankful that it’s Friday and the office expects you to be a zombie.

Day. Of. Awesome.


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