How to know you’re cooked

I only rode my bike to work twice this week. Monday and yesterday. The only other day I COULD have ridden was Tuesday and…I didn’t. I don’t remember if I slept late or what. I went to yoga so I couldn’t have slept THAT late. Regardless. In every other instance I’ve really considered if (a) this trip really needs to be made and (b) could alternate transportation be utilized. That’s resulted in a wee bit of extra walking this week. I had Tuesday afternoon off. So after I drove my car home (hangs head), TheKid and I walked to a pizza place approximately .6 miles from our house.

Side note! For the past 7 years or so I have not run much. I will do several miles at a time but it’s alternating walking & running. And that’s not BAD for general health. It’s great in fact. But I have a goal to run a 5k in October. Run. No walking. Which means that training needs to be focused on reducing walk time and increasing run endurance.  In that vein, Jon challenged me to meet him at the Y Tuesday afternoon and run a mile. No walk breaks. Run.

So. Tuesday. TheKid and I walked to lunch. And then I looked at how far the Y was from our house. Per G00gle maps, it’s 3.1 miles.

I.E. a 5k. Well. Isn’t that convenient.

We walked it. My GPS said we covered 3.6 miles. So we’ll assume it’s something between 3 & 3.5 miles. Not important.

A little while later Jon got there and we ran our mile. Easily. I could’ve kept going but going home (in my husband’s nice air conditioned truck) sounded more appealing.

Wednesday was uneventful. I lifted weights but felt tired so I took the rest of the day easy.

Yesterday I rode my bike to work then went to Piyo Strength where we started a new routine…one that included a killer leg sequence that left even our Ironman finisher grimacing. When I left yesterday afternoon, my heart rate was 111 before I even got out of the parking lot and 150 at the BASE of the hill. For what it’s worth, I still managed to shave 2 minutes off my fastest time getting home. There was a guy walking his bike up the hill and I was determined to catch and pass him. And smile and wave when I did. Because I was RIDING. I was NOT going to be slower than someone walking.

I did pass him.

I waved.

I think my smile was more of a grimace.

TheKid and I walked to the store after I got home for dinner supplies. It’s only about a mile. And we went slowly, while we talked & laughed & threatened to shove each other into the canal.

This morning I barely eeked out 500 yards in the pool.

Between my heart rate yesterday afternoon and my complete inability to propel myself through a calm pool that I had completely to myself, I think it’s safe to say that I’m tired. (My husband pulled off fourteen miles of a strenuous hike yesterday so I’m sure he’s shaking his head right now.)

I have no idea what I’m doing this weekend.

That’s a lie.

I know what I WANT to do. I told TheKid we’d go on a bike ride if we could get the other bike ready & pick him up a helmet. I want to swim a mile Sunday. I would love to ride my bike to church (just under 10 miles) but I might just ride with my husband. Because I need to run. NEED. Not only for training purposes but because I’m terribly curious to know how that mile on the treadmill is going to translate onto a non-moving surface. My suspicion is painfully but I’m going to find out. That’s my top priority followed closely by some sort of activity with TheKid…assuming he’s not hanging out with his youth leader or girlfriend. Which means I’d better start making plans without him.

I should probably check the forecast for tomorrow though because right now, my top TOP priority is turning my alarm off for tomorrow morning.

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