July 23 – 29 2012 mileage

The goal – utilize my bike (and/or feet) for transportation more than my car

Transportation either by bike or on foot – 14.58 miles (five trips that I would have otherwise used my car)

Transportation by my car – 33.5 miles (four trips)

ONE TRIP accounted for 19-20 of those car miles (to church and back Sunday).  There are two alternatives to taking my car. A – ride with my husband. This means I would be there approximately 4 hours longer than I need to be which also means the dog has to be kenneled an extra four hours. B – ride my bike. It would probably take me an hour to get there…not a big deal. But there is no route that doesn’t have heavy vehicle traffic. I’m still seriously considering this at some point just to try it. However, it’s only an option every other week when LilBit is with his mom.

I put more miles on my bike (and feet) this week than listed above (32 total…33?). But for these purposes those are irrelevant. They were workouts, not miles that would have otherwise been put on the car.

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