Three Things Thursday 8/16/12

1.  Mileage – ha. Ha. Ha. I didn’t ride last week because of my tweaked ankle. Which, I know. Sounds weird. But riding flexes my ankle & since it was feeling very aggravated, I laid off most everything. I haven’t ridden at all this week because, holy smokes. No. Really. The air quality was so bad from wildfire smoke that being outside at all left me with burning eyes and lungs. No beuno.

2.  A couple of weeks ago I walked into yoga to find some new guy had taken my usual spot. Harumph.

(Just kidding. I really only get irritated if someone is in my usual shower stall.)

(Just kidding.)

(Not kidding at all actually. That very much throws me off in the mornings. There are like 8 showers. Why do they have to pick MINE?)

But one of the other regulars waved to me and called out “You can put your mat next to me!”  It was her friend/coworker’s usual spot but she was out of town. I later told Jon I felt like I was in second grade and a girl on the playground asked me to play. It just made my day. Since then we’ve greeted each other/chatted…all three of us (since her friend has been back). This morning she asked what I did on Wednesday mornings. When I told her I didn’t have a set plan – it was whatever I was in the mood for, she replied with “You really should come to spin class with us!” Cue the second grade playground giddiness. I don’t ride my bike on Wednesdays (when I’m actually riding. ahem) so I think I’ll take her up on the offer!

3.  Jon and I have a cool date night tonight. Our friend at Day Three Studios (she did our family photos last fall) is featured at the Raw show tonight. I’m not totally sure what to expect but I’m super excited. I already know exactly what I’m wearing!

photography credit to Day Three Studios

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