Save the drama for yo mom…wait…

I walk in from work yesterday to find out there’s been some conflict between the oldest (15) & youngest (9). So I get TheKid’s side of the story then call for Lilbit. After having to call for him 3 times he finally storms out, growling at me.

“Dude!” I said, “I just got home. Why are you grumpy with me already?” He replied that he had a bad day & knew he was in trouble. I told him I wanted his side of the story before we decided that. He proceeded to tell me his brothers were mean to him…because they said they were going to tell on him. I asked if he behaved the way they said. His response? “Well yeah!” What started as a fit because he didn’t have his ip0d charger, ended in him writing a rude note to his brother (on the etch-a-sketch) because he was told to be quiet while they did homework. And resulted in the removal of said electronic device from his possession for a brief yet painful period of time. Ay yiyi.

UPDATE: Later in the evening LilBit voluntarily apologized to TheKid for the rude note. I never make him say he’s sorry. We’ve discussed apologies and he knows if it happens, I want it to be sincere. But he did it! There’s hope people! Hope!

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