Three Things Thursday – 09/06/2012

  1. I was off work for nine days last week while my parents were in town. And it was fabulous. But surprisingly, I was happy to be back at work. I think I thrive off having a routine and schedule.
  2. Saturday we took my parents up to McCall to see more of Idaho than this valley. During that trip we went up the ski lift to the top of Brundage Mountain. As the lift started up, Jon was amused at my discomfort and death grip on the side bar. “Ms. Skydiver who wants to do all this extreme stuff is scared?” I explained. I don’t do/want to do things because I’m NOT scared. I want to do it because I AM. I want to know that I always looked my fears in the face and jumped anyway (not always literally). Except for snakes. I don’t need to look one of those in the face. Ever.
  3. I’ve spent more time with my camera in the past week than I have in the past three months. And that makes me very, very happy.

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