My life this semester

I don’t remember how it came about but TheBoy suggested that I let them make their own lunches for the next school day to help me out. Yes, they’re 15, 14 & 9 and are perfectly capable of putting together their own meal but I usually do it so that the package of lunch meat lasts more than 24 hours. But this night I agreed since I would be in the same room and could supervise. TheKid pipes up proudly and says “Yeah! We’ll make our lunches so you can go sit down and relax!” I looked at him a moment and replied “No. You’re making your own lunches while I make dinner for tomorrow night. Then make my own lunch. And pack my gym bag. And put away laundry. And sign papers from LilBit’s school. And then, possibly, study.”  He stared a moment. Then uttered the words “Why are you so busy?”

I’m taking Spanish I. So is TheKid. Despite the fact that he’s in high school and I’m taking a  university class, we’re at the same level and basically learning the same thing. Also? He’s taking biology and the first part of my A&P class is a lot of basic biology review. So yeah, I’m busy. But guess who’s helping me study?


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