Friday Favorites

Things that made me smile or that I am grateful for in the past week:

  1. The weather. It’s been BEAUTIFUL (See this weeks’ Wordless Wednesday) – a little chilly at times – but we’ve been able to have the windows open a LOT. And even the one morning it POURED rain, the storm was impressive & needed before the clouds scuttled away to reveal a gorgeous afternoon.
  2. Saturday night was UFC. A bunch of us gathered at our friends’ house, snacks in hand. The opportunity to hang out with good friends while watching men beat each other bloody is priceless. And bonus – my husband made these Siracha Veggie Cheese Balls and Sauce.  They were surprisingly delicious. And I didn’t have to think about what to bring or make anything leaving me free to study…and watch the Ironman race. And nap.
  3. We took a small break after we stepped down as Lifegroup leaders (aka small groups or community groups or…whatever…at other churches). But Monday we attended a new one. I went reluctantly but we really enjoyed it. I think we’ve found our new home. Also – the hosts/leaders have a puppy that my husband promptly adored. The feeling was mutual.

    Mid-lick. The puppy wouldn’t hold still but trust me he is PRECIOUS. Not as cute as my husband is though.

  4. The older boys have youth group on Wed night. Jon takes them & goes to the gym while they’re busy. Which means I get to stay home (with Lilbit) and enjoy a few hours to focus on school or whatever else needs my attention. This week it was the latest episode of “Once Upon a Time”. Don’t judge. It needed my attention. (I got school done too.)
  5. I GOT AN “A” ON MY LATEST A&P TEST. It’s the first A on an (actual) test in that class. AND the class average was 79%. Not that that matters. (But it kinda does)

1 Comment

  1. LOVE< LOVE< LOVE once upon a time! that and person of interest are our 2 fav shows this year. (last year, i guess) you know what i mean! lol so glad you guys are doing well. and LOVE that puppy pic! i would be in heaven too with a puppy like that =)

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