Three Things Thursday

  1. The weather affects me…A LOT. I’ve been groggy and grumpy and just generally…blah. The sun came out today and immediately I was dancing in my chair. My energy levels shot up. My mood started to improve. I’ll probably never love the cold but I deal with it much better with bright light.
  2. TheBoy is taking a guitar class this year. He practices all the time and is getting pretty good. TheKid recently asked me to teach him how to play piano (he already has a basic understanding on how to read music). The idea of musical kiddos makes me very very happy.
  3. I’ve been stupid tired this week (see above: weather) (also school) (and possibly fighting off a mild illness). And yet – I’ve done next to nothing this week…at least out of the ordinary. We served dinner at the Boise Rescue Mission Monday night. I slept on the couch most of the afternoon Tuesday. Did homework last night. It would be nice to recoup this weekend but I don’t really expect that to happen!

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