Catching Up

Has it really been over a month since I posted? I don’t know why that should surprise me. Life has been packed full since then though.

  • Jon and I went to a Bassnectar concert in late October. I don’t really think I can describe it. Click the link. Go to minute two and watch. That. Our venue was smaller. But just as packed. My poor husband doesn’t particularly like crowds of friends. He really doesn’t like crowds of strangers. I hung out with him and another friend towards the back through most of the openers while three of our other friends made their way towards the front. Finally he looked at me and said “Would you just GO.” So I elbowed my way through the crush of humanity to our crew who had secured spots on the front railing. It was insanity. Fun fun insanity. (Except for the getting groped part. But I have to admit, putting an elbow rather forcibly into the guys stomach was quite satisfying.) My hearing finally returned sometime the next evening. Mostly.
  • Halloween. Some of our besties had a get together. We were kid free until about 10 so we donned our gay apparel and headed over. I took the easy route and wore a cat mask that I already owned. My husband decided to try an idea he’d seen online. He did a great job. I couldn’t LOOK at him but I think that just proves how well he did. A few months ago our friends’ young son decided that he preferred Jon over me and now runs crying to my husband if I try to hold him. Punk. But I just KNEW Jon’s make up job would traumatize the poor child enough that I could regain my spot as the favorite. Yeah. Instead my mask freaked him out and Jon’s face fascinated him. Boys. (huff)
  • LilBit ended up with a touch of pneumonia but thought getting an x-ray of his chest was pretty cool. He recovered nicely and quickly. But in telling someone about it, I mentioned that he was staying with us over the weekend instead of going to visit his mother. Someone else in the room popped up with “How old is he?” and when I replied “nine” forged ahead with “So he’s your grandson then?” I had mentioned his mother so obviously I was NOT. I get it. But really? You look at me and the first relationship you jump to is “grandmother”. Not step-mom? (And this person has been married 3 times…it’s not an unfamiliar concept to her). Or aunt? Or even (MUCH) older sister? I was upset for a few hours. And then? Just amused.
  • Sometime mid-November we did an event called “Bundle Up Boise” (put on by our church) We take donations of coats/gloves/hats/clothes and then set them up and let people that need them “shop”. Sounds simple enough but it requires a couple of months of weekly meetings & much more planning & discussion & set up than might be expected. This year we changed things up and partnered with a refugee organization in town. We gave invites only to the families they work with and set up at their location. The weather turned out beautiful. Frigid. But beautiful. And the event was – I believe – a success. I don’t think “hand outs” for the sake of “doing good” is necessarily the best route. But when someone is struggling like these families are, a little help IS necessary. I’m always overwhelmed by the generosity of our community. (Although we found some questionable items among the donations. Like a “less material is better” piece of lingerie. We got a LOT of laughs and joke mileage out of that one.)
  • And then Jon got sick. And I was feeling really run down. We took a break from our respective work out routines in an effort to get well (him) and not get fully sick (me). That worked for him. I got sick anyway. Thankfully it wasn’t bad though, just an annoying cold. I am almost back to whatever passes for normal with me.
  • Thanksgiving! We spent it with Jon’s Grandma, dad & sister/nephews. It consisted of one sliced open finger, a smallish fire on the stove, absolutely no family drama and lots of good food. I’ll call that a success! We got home mid afternoon, planted ourselves in the living room and watched two great movies. The rest of the weekend I pretty much stayed on the couch reading stuff with absolutely no substance and enjoying the downtime.

Now? It’s time to gear up for the next round of holidays! The boys and I are decorating this weekend. I’ll start baking and discussing gifts ideas with the husband. He is a gift giving genius but I always try to be involved. Oh…and finals. In just a couple of weeks. I suppose I should actually buckle down and study some huh.

Our life is full and (usually) fun and wonderful. I posted on Facebook last night “Some nights I wish we had a camera set up to record the hilarious absurdities that happen around here.” The boys were just firing on all cylinders and I alternated between laughing, groaning/shaking my head and threatening to punch someone. But it mostly laughter. Expect a post soon detailing some of the more amusing moments.

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