Three Things Thursday – Moments from home

  1. Tuesday Lilbit’s class went on a field trip to the Art Museum. He LOVED it and that night stood in the kitchen excitedly telling me all about it. They were also given a free admission ticket so they can come back and bring two guests. As an employee of BSU, I also get free admission (maybe once a month?) with my ID. When I told him that, he immediately started planning our next outing. He asked what day I thought we’d go. Jon chimes in with “Probably a day that ends with y.” Lilbit matter of factly stated “Hmm…so that’ll be a Thursday or Sunday then….” as he turned to study the calendar.  He wasn’t sure why we were all choking.
  2. I’ve mentioned TheBoy is taking a guitar class. The other day his teacher gave them a “sneak peek” at what they’ll be learning next semester but he said he didn’t really understand it. I told him I’d take a look if he wanted me to. I taught myself a little guitar (very little) but I played other instruments & can still read music. Later he brought me in their new piece and I was able to explain it to him. He was so happy, commenting “Well that’s not hard. If he’d just told me THAT, I would’ve understood no problem.” Guess he’s working ahead now. I have a keyboard but don’t play often…maybe an hour  a week. But I love the discussions we can have and that he brings me the questions.
  3. One afternoon, I was standing in the boys’ doorway talking to TheBoy. TheKid was standing in the hallway with me…deliberately trying to irritate me. He wanted me to leave so he could change out of his school clothes but I was ignoring him so finally he just…dropped his pants. Now. I raised him. I’ve done all the motherly diaper and bath and dressing duties. But he’s 15 now. I do not need, nor do I want, to see him running around in his boxer-briefs. Not even with a t-shirt on. I turned to leave and he started following me, giggling, because he lives to antagonize. I whirled around…I don’t know, I might have threatened bodily harm of some sort if he didn’t leave me alone…and he ran into his room yelling “Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle” as he did this weird dance/hip shake thing. I left. Laughing. But also moderately disturbed.

My house. It is crazy. And some nights I laugh a lot. Or shake my head a lot. Or both. But life, it is good.

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