I recently considered giving up my morning cup of coffee (when I finish the current bag).

I’ll wait while you cleanse your monitor of whatever you just spewed onto it and/or pick yourself up off the floor.

Done? Okay.

I LOVE my morning cup of coffee. But I think I love the ritual of it, the comfort of easing into my day with a warm cup cradled in my hands more than the actual coffee. I don’t actually NEED it. A cup of water (or hot tea) and an apple would be much more beneficial as a morning kick start.

I’ve also casually kicked around the idea of trying a “paleo” style diet for a few months. I don’t necessarily agree that eating <insert your foods of choice> are to blame for (seemingly) recent explosion of food sensitives and allergies. Humans have been eating grains and beans and dairy for long enough and doing just fine that pinning our health woes on lectins or gluten or some other scapegoat bit of nutrition is a bit silly.

(DISCLAIMER: I understand that there are true food allergies out there. I understand that some people have genuine, debilitating reactions. I’m simply referring to a general simplified view and the tendency of SOME people – not all – to rabidly defend and promote a specific diet to the point of being annoying and/or offensive.)

I’ve never noticed a direct correlation between eating any of the above mentioned foods and anything negative in my body. However, I continue to find information linking gluten and lectins to inflammation and auto-immune issues. I don’t think there’s enough evidence to prove causality. But. With the history of auto-immune and inflammatory diseases in my family, I also don’t think it would HURT to eliminate those factors and see how my body reacts.

“Paleo” is a buzz word and a current hot trend, but at it’s core, it promotes eating real foods. It emphasizes fruits and green leafy vegetables and healthy meats. It eliminates sugar and fast food and processed food stuffs…all the stuff that we love so much but are what we should passionately blame for our health woes.

So I’m looking at a two – three month “experiment” at the first of the year. I’m not silly enough to try this in December. That’s just setting myself up for failure. (You know the Cranberry Bliss bars at St@rbucks? They’re *almost* divine except for being a bit too overwhelmingly sweet. But I have a copy-cat recipe that I’ve modified to make them, well, divine. And I only ever make them in December.) And this will be a big adjustment. For example, my go to lunch when I’m feeling overwhelmed/rushed/uncreative is a big bowl of rice, beans, salsa, corn & taco seasoning. I eat on it all week. But after the first of the year I will be able to eat…the salsa. My favorite breakfast of oatmeal? Buh-bye. I don’t say that to be negative. There are A LOT of foods available. My other favorite breakfast of diced potatoes, peppers and chicken sausage is perfectly acceptable, as is another favorite lunch of sweet potatoes & turkey or ham. But it will be an adjustment and I need a month to plan.

I’m not going to ask my family to do this. I’ll still make their brownies and home made bread and soups with beans. But I’ll need to know what to have available as my go to meals/snacks. I’ll need to be comfortable with some replacements (like “hummus” NOT made with chickpeas). It’s really a mental thing, a change in habits. But I do fully expect the first week or so to SUCK as my body adjusts.

I don’t really know what to expect overall. Maybe I’ll love it and want to continue. Maybe not. But right now? I get to peruse new recipes!


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