TTT The Sappy Edition

Hey look! The first 3 Things Thursday of 2013 is happening on the 3rd day. And on a cool date, 1313, although technically  there should be some zeros or dashes thrown in there that would mess up that lovely little pattern. Whatevs. I’m sure my husband would refer to me as a dork. What was it he said last night that had me snickering and him rolling his eyes?….Oh! He was talking about work out clothes and said “I need to get some long bottoms…” And suddenly I’m giggling like a mad woman (You would think that would have disturbed the cat sleeping on me but it didn’t) until I finally gasped out “Longbottoms? As in Neville? Longbottom?” before dissolving back into uncontrollable snickers. He just rolled his eyes and said (fondly) “You’re a dork.”

Speaking of the husband – here are three things related to him that have made me say “awww” lately:

  1. New Year’s Eve he really wanted chinese food. I really did not but I don’t hate it so was willing to eat it. He went to my preference instead. And when we got home, we spent the evening watching my favorite show ever (“Firefly“) Now granted, he doesn’t HATE it, but I know it’s not his preference to watch all 14 episodes over the period of a few days. Which we did. (Incidentally – I want the theme song played at my funeral.) Also that evening, we were both cold so he retrieved our electric throw blankets from the bedroom, then plugged mine in, turned it on and tucked it around me. I never had to dislodge myself from the incredibly comfy couch. These are just recent examples of sacrifices he makes on a regular basis for me and the things he does to spoil me
  2. His Grandma fell before Christmas and has been in the hospital & at rehab since. She’s okay and will be fine. But he has been every place she needed him, including spending most of his Saturday installing what she needed at her house so she can go home, doing laundry for her (more than once) and in general taking care of her. As before – this isn’t unusual behavior. He goes out to visit with her almost every Saturday and does any chores with which she needs help. It’s just cool to watch him love on her.
  3. I am incredibly grateful to have him co-parenting with me. It’s comforting to have him step up and take some of the load. It’s not always fun but he’s always there to step into the gaps I leave (and there are a lot) or to have the difficult conversations. But he’s also the one that can have the boys in tears from laughter and keeping the house light hearted.

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