Random weekend mumblings


I realize I didn’t post at all last week except for a picture. Work has been crazy. We have a new director and while I LIKE him and his enthusiasm to lead the department to a new level of excellence, it’s created a bit of pressure cooker while we all adjust. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. Not at all. It’s rather, dare I say, invigorating? But down time during the day has been eliminated. (Again, not bad) And it’s requiring more mental energy so the reserves that COULD be used for writing are instead burned up with new tasks leaving the balance to be spent on more pressing priorities like the family and school. I sat here trying to write an actual post now that it’s the weekend. TheBoy and LilBit are with their bio mom. TheKid is happily entrenched in front of the xbox. Jon is at hunter’s education for half the weekend. School is…mostly…caught up. I’m being handed downtime on a silver platter. And yet, words are not forthcoming. Unless you count the fact that I just wrote a full paragraph detailing how I was incapable of writing. Which I don’t. My brain feels lethargic, if that makes sense.  I did manage to prep a couple of photos. But beyond that, I got nuthin. Except a non-school book that’s calling my name. If I can stay awake to read it.



I did manage to stay awake to read. In fact, I finished the book in one sitting. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve done that.  This morning start leisurely with a cup of coffee and a…grocery list. I then woke up my (almost) 16 yr old boy by turning on his light and lovingly calling his name, multiple times, at increasingly loud volumes. Then I dumped cold water on his head. That? Is remarkably effective. After grocery shopping, the remainder of the day was lazy. Lunch with the hubs, a visit at Grandma’s (which results in chores for Jon and a nap for me), then home to lounge & introduce TheKid to Tarantino’s work. Because I am a outstanding mother.



Church. Talk to some of my students. Lunch with Jon, TheKid, my sis-in-law & her family and some good friends. Meeting with the mentor. Teach. Home with the boys while Jon headed to a muddy softball practice. It was refreshing to see so many of current and former students and honestly, to have them seek me out.



Welp. It’s back to the regular routine. Except this week I’m striving for my actual routine. I made it to the pool this morning for the first time since early February. I’m not sure what I did could, in any way, be considered swimming. I propelled myself through the water. I did not drown. But it was not graceful or smooth or coordinated. I reacquainted myself with the feel of the pool. It is remarkable to me that even in water, I am able to be clumsy.

The summary makes my life seem so…bland. And yet. It’s not. At all. This weekend contained much welcomed and needed down time but was still full of great moments. Including the nap.


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