Three Two Things Thursday – Renting vs Owning

The other day the hubs & I were casually discussing buying a house. And when I say casually, I mean VERY CASUALLY. I know he wouldn’t be opposed to purchasing. There are times when it doesn’t sound like a horrible idea to me either. But those times are few and far between. I have two very big reason I enjoy renting (hence the title change)

  1. In the past year we have had our washer replaced, the laundry room floor (and light)  completely replaced (due to the washer breaking/flooding), a new water heater and the kitchen floor re-done. We paid for…zilch. Nada. Jon handles minor repairs (and some not so minor, at least in my book). But if something major happens, we’re not dipping into our savings or scrambling to find the funds to cover it.
  2. I moved out here with the understanding that I would likely spend the rest of my life in the Boise area. It took me awhile to fully adjust to the idea that I can’t just pack up and move anymore. Honestly, there are times I’m not sure I HAVE fully adjusted to it. My son has said to me in the past (before we moved here) “We need to move again. We never get lost anymore.”  And I know. I KNOW. There are other, more efficient (and less expensive) ways to soothe wanderlust than moving to a new city or state. I’ve explored only a tiny fraction of Idaho itself. Still. My dream retirement is to buy a camper and just travel. I don’t need a home base (I say that now…). I’m perfectly happy to live out of a camper (with no kids). (Again. I say that now…) So the idea of being tied to a house for thirty years? FREAKS ME OUT. Right now we basically can find a new rental and move on a whim (or need).

I know I’m getting antsy. Little things irritate me – like driving the same routes day in and day out. And I catch myself daydreaming a lot more about traveling. I want to GO and DO. I want to explore and experience. I want to get a little lost and be a little uncomfortable. I know buying a house isn’t necessarily the antithesis of…anything. But still? I’m perfectly happy not.

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  1. I’m afraid perhaps you may have gotten that gene from me. I still look up in the sky and wonder where planes are going. How I’d like a large RV and to travel. When we went to the east coast every time the terrain changed I was saying I could live here…… mountains, flat land, beaches, rivers, ponds, mud holes. 🙂

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