So. That happened.

This past weekend my husband and I went with some friends to see Ironman 3.  No spoilers here. Don’t worry. But I will say it was everything I hoped it would be…and my expectations were pretty high. My husband dubbed it “best movie of the year” from the first preview he saw. Now I’m not quite ready to give it that honor yet. The summer has barely started after all. But it’s definitely top of the list and not likely to be bumped far. If at all. But anyway. This post isn’t about the movie. Not really.

We went to a 3D showing ONLY because there wasn’t a “standard” version playing during the times we and our friends had available. And we wanted to see it bad enough to pay the extra for 3D even though my husband can’t see a difference.* We got our glasses and I propped mine on top of my head since the previews weren’t in 3D. (By the way, I think every preview they showed I was tapping my husband on the leg to indicate we needed to see it.) As the intro started, I pulled the glasses down. Nothing changed. I watched a few more minutes growing more and more concerned as the blurriness never resolved. Nothing popped. Nothing stood out. As all sorts of horrible scenarios started forming in my mind (eye cancer anyone?) I leaned over to my husband and whispered “I don’t know what’s wrong. It’s still blurry to me.”  He turned to look at me. And then loudly** said “You have your SUNGLASSES on!!”

Yeah. Apparently I propped my sunglasses on my head too. Thankfully there were not many people in the theater since I got the giggles. And couldn’t stop.

3d glasses

The right equipment makes all the difference.

*This is the first 3D movie I’ve seen…ever. Unless you count an exhibit/feature/whatever at Disney. In the early 90s. Which I don’t. And while the first few scenes were “cool”, I quit noticing pretty quickly. A few parts stood out – generally when burning debris was falling from the sky. So yeah. It was cool. It didn’t detract from the movie. But I’m perfectly happy watching standard versions.

** Okay…he probably wasn’t THAT loud. But he wasn’t whispering.

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