Three Things Thursday – Okay. Fine.

The subject of buying a house seems to keep creeping up. So. Fine. I’ll play along. Here are three (give or take a few) of my requirements for any house before I would consider purchasing it. And? I have no other ideas on what to write about today.

  1. Location location location. We need to be near work/schools and/or in a fabulous neighborhood (with a pool) and/or next door to “cup of sugar” neighbors (ie  – I can go over to borrow a cup of sugar and easily sit sipping coffee and chatting for an hour.) (Also – across the street works). And I don’t want to be on a busy street. But it can’t be too far out of the way either, regardless of neighbors. Kuna friends? Sorry.  No way. 
  2. Multiple bathrooms. Ideally I want 2.5 – 3. One master, one for the boys, and something for guests. But at a minimum, there has to be 2 bathrooms. With good water pressure when both are in use.
  3. I want enough bedrooms that the boys can each have their own room. Actually I want enough rooms that we can ALL have our own room if we wanted. And have a roommate(s). I’m thinking six bedrooms. But. I’ll settle for four bedrooms.
  4. Yes. There are four. I only did two last time so shush. The kitchen needs to be fabulous. Lots of cabinet space. A pantry. A dishwasher. Counter/work space. And a great backyard. That’s not part of the kitchen. But this is my list. And if I’m going to consider what I might want in a house, I’ll sneak whatever I want into it. So. There.

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