I know. It’s been over two months. Two months.  I have no excuses. We’re busy but then, isn’t everyone? My schedule has actually not been as crammed as it’s about to become but I’ve been kinda reveling in that. I’ve read a LOT and absolutely none of it had any intellectual value. We’ve started attending Krav Maga classes and I try to be there more than once a week. (Perfect week? Three days, five hours total. Perfect weeks are rare.) We’ve spent hours upon hours upon hours with friends. We’ve had lunches after church and cookouts.. We’ve gone to baseball games and movies. We traveled to Seattle for a friend’s wedding and have had friends visit us here. We’ve shared coffee and ice cream and conversations. We’ve had a full summer. I just haven’t written about it here at all (although if we’re Facebook friends you’ve seen a lot of it). Until recently, I didn’t even take many pictures.  And now it’s winding down and the school year is winding up. Our older boys start back next Wed, the youngest a week later, and then my classes start a week after that. TheKid starts Driver’s Ed in about a week and a half (ten days to be exact. not that I’m counting). I’m not nervous about that at ALL. Nope. My birthday is this month. My parents are coming to visit at the end of the month.

Most of my writing time happens at work. Which has been crazy. Hopefully that will start to settle out soon. In the meantime, I leave you with a picture from my father-in-law & his fiancee’ s home.


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