Random thoughts from this week

I am very thankful for fleece lined tights.

I’m not into the whole pumpkin flavored everything craze. But my boss brought in some pumpkin pie spice coffee creamer. And I have to say, I don’t hate it.

This tweet from Nicole Cole ‏@nicolevcole4h “Our enemy’s goal is that we live a life with no margin because that’s where he gains access to tempt our weary souls.” #overwhelmed”  Um. Ouch. And wow.

I WANT to really love drinking hot tea. But in reality, the only truly delicious cup I’ve ever had, my husband fixed for me. It just tastes like dirty hot water when I try to make it. (He also makes me the best coffee too. I can’t replicate it.)

I have thoughts on the recent Furtick house controversy but I’m still debating about what exactly to say, and how exactly to say it.

This has been a week of heartbreak with the storm ravaging the Philippines and a prostitution ring busted here locally. On one hand, yay it was busted. On the other, the fact that it’s happening right under my nose kinda rocked me. I’m not shocked…but it shook me. Another post brewing.

Cold = severe aches=a very pathetic me. I’m not quite the tough girl I’d like to be.

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