Three Things Thursday – Weekend Plans

I admit, I’m so totally dialing it in right now. I’m so exhausted I can barely think. In fact, class was cancelled last night and I was so tired, I didn’t even take advantage of having the house to myself (basically). Usually I would watch episodes of “Once Upon a Time” but even that was too much mental effort. Yeah. I know. So you get the top three events happening this weekend:

  1. Rake Up Boise happens Saturday morning. For any non-locals, groups are assigned houses and go rake the yards. I’m not sure of the criteria or who does the assigning or any of the details actually. This will be my first year participating and we’re tagging along with our friends’ group. I don’t remember the last time I raked leaves. And I’m pretty sure I’ve only played at doing it once – maybe twice – in my life.
  2. UFC fight night is Saturday night. Our friends always host a viewing party. They buy the fights & everyone brings $5 and a snack. It’s a blast. I usually end up chatting more than watching. And that is just fine. But sometimes there’s a match up I really want to see. Even if not, it’s always a fun night.
  3. Church happens (most of the day) Sunday. That’s a weekly event. What’s NOT weekly is Family Dedications! Woo-woot! I love them. I’ll be surprised if we have anyone at the service we attend since it’s the earliest and smallest one. But they will probably have an “intro/summary” video highlighting the families that we’ll get to see. Maybe we can even go out and celebrate by having lunch with friends after the second service!

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