Friday the 13th…of DECEMBER.

It’s the 13th of December. I don’t really care that it’s a Friday the 13th. Whatever. (Although my paternal grandfather? Would not even get out of bed on a Friday the 13th.) I’m more appalled that it’s twelve days before Christmas and I’ve done nothing. No. Literally. NOTHING Christmas related. My fall/Thanksgiving decorations are still sitting in the dining room waiting for me to take them to the garage and pull out the Christmas boxes.

I take that back. I bought the gingerbread house village set for the boys and I do put together/decorate. That doesn’t mean it will HAPPEN. But the kit is in our possession.

We have never bought the boys a lot of presents. They get one or two and stockings. And it’s always a pain to figure out how to rearrange the living room for a full size Christmas tree that we only put a few presents under. So this year, Jon suggested we put a small one on the dining room table instead. I usually love decorating for Christmas – the tree included – but this year scaling down sounded fabulous and so I agreed. I did fully intend to do SOME decorating but as of now, there is a tree on the table and that’s it. And that was all Jon’s doing. It was all set up when I got in from class Wednesday night.


Is that not absolutely adorable? I think so. It makes me smile. And? Now you can walk around humming the Peanuts theme song all day too. You’re welcome.

I haven’t started baking. I haven’t even made a baking list. I haven’t started shopping for stockings or my husband’s present (he usually shops for the boys) and he’s SO HARD to shop for. If there’s something he wants, he generally just gets it. Which is fine usually. I certainly don’t mind. But it makes it really freaking difficult to shop for presents.  I think I’ll make him make a wish list this year. Hear that honey? I want a list by the end of the weekend. Kthanksloveya!

We do have a few very important traditions that will still go down with or without decorations or holiday styled cookies:

One – the boys will pick out their VERY OWN box of cereal to eat out of ginormous bowls on Christmas morning. And then Jon and I will snack and nibble on those boxes of cereal the rest of the week.

Two – Our annual movie marathon is planned and prepped. Since we’re ALL off an entire week – TOGETHER – we pick a day to pile onto couches and chairs, still in our pajamas, and watch one movie series. All. Day. Our diet consists pretty much of popcorn for the day and we only move to refill bowls/drinks and go potty. Past years have included the Firefly series (tv show but it was only one season), the Bourne movies and the Harry Potter movies. We didn’t get through all of those but we made a valiant effort. This year? Fast and Furious baby.


I was surprised to find out one “thing” the boys considered a tradition. “Santa Wars” I collect Santas. And every year I pull some out as an important piece of decorating. My husband considers them creepy. He says he doesn’t like the eyes that stare coldly into your soul. Or something. I’m paraphrasing. (I also have one that is the perfect size to set on the window sill right above the toilet. So of course that’s where I put it.) So every year I put them out and every year I walk back into the room to find them turned around backwards. So I fix them. And they turn them around. And I fix them. And this goes on the entire season. I mentioned I probably wasn’t putting out Santas this year and the boys loudly protested. “It’s TRADITION!” they cried.  “What about Santa Wars?!!?” they wailed.

Maybe I’ll pull out a few boxes.

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