Done and done

In keeping with my annual tradition, I am NOT posting a resolutions or wrap up post. That’s just an awful lot of work and I’m coming off a week of vacation. And to give you an idea of what my vacation entailed – I happily rolled out of bed at 9:30 one morning and announced to my husband “I set two goals for today! Sleep until at least 9:00am and shower. Half way there!” The pride he exuded was overwhelming. That’s the same day he told me he was going to Krav and I blankly stared at him from my comfy chair, under my heated blanket with my cup of coffee. And he came home to me laying in the floor, playing on my phone, with my feet propped on the wall.

But lest you think I was a total lazy bum – I got up Christmas eve and had breakfast with a friend. We jokingly called it our “first date” because we’ve always done stuff with our families and husbands. It was our first time hanging out just us and it was wonderful. Thursday I helped another friend pack her kitchen. Friday night we went to look at the Christmas lights at the Botanical garden with the breakfast friend & her hubby. Saturday we helped the earlier packing friend (and her family) move, then went to watch the first friend’s daughter play soccer (indoor), then went to another friendly family’s house to watch the UFC fights (did you SEE that leg break? ACK!). Yesterday was our fourth annual family movie marathon so….um….I sat under my heated blanket for approximately 12 hours watching Vin Diesel and Paul Walker drive fast cars. See? Not a totally wasted break.

If I had to sum up this year in one word, I’d have to use “friendship”. We spent a lot of time with those we love, becoming closer to established relationships and developing new ones. We started practicing Krav Maga – another fairly big step for us – but even that I would say falls under the friendship umbrella. We got into it through a friend and have made (and continue to make) new ones in the gym. In fact, I would argue that it’s the relationships that often get me in the doors & onto the mats, not any energy on my part. And now my husband has a membership so we’ll be on the mats together that much more…and that thrills me to no end.

I do have a few goals going into January:

1. Stick to the running plan that my Krav coach gives me. (She’s truly a woman of many talents.) And, um, don’t die in the first month of it.

2. Only post positive words on the internet. No complaining or whining etc. Just positivity. (Is too a word! That red squiggly line means nothing. Nothing.) But not be annoying about it. And the above goal about not dying? That’s positive. Not dying is positive.

That’s it. That’s it for January. Because as we saw in the first paragraph, I dream big.

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